Calendar & results

Here is the calendar of races for the year. From here you can find out when a race is to be run and the results of the race once completed (and scored).

1Australia17th March 2019Published
2Bahrain31st March 2019Published
3China14th April 2019Published
4Azerbaijan28th April 2019Published
5Spain12th May 2019Published
6Monaco26th May 2019Published
7Canada9th June 2019Published
8France23rd June 2019Published
9Austria30th June 2019Published
10Great Britain14th July 2019Published
11Germany28th July 2019Published
12Hungary4th August 2019Published
13Belgium1st September 2019Published
14Italy8th September 2019Published
15Singapore22nd September 2019Published
16Russia29th September 2019Published
17Japan13th October 2019Published
18Mexico27th October 2019Published
19United States3rd November 2019Published
20Brazil17th November 2019Published
21Abu Dhabi1st December 2019Published