1Kn'Ocon Wood (Janey Dillon)1420
2The Grim Beeper (Ben Collins)1411
3Strolling With a Bag of Cash (Rick Pearson)1410
4Deadlock's Daemons (Mark Denyer)1406
5Racey Babes and the Sidepods (Gerry Wilkinson)1380
6Leopard Racing (Elizabeth Dillon)1326
7Will To Win (Will Stevenson)1270
8Funnells (Leeann Stevenson)1245
9Abby's Chicane (Fiona Hallett)1225
10Dirty Flaps (Jan Collins)1223
11Morefuelracing (James Watts)1199
12The Pussy Cats (Trevor Harris)1167
13SAR Rapid Racing (Simon Rowe)1156
14InterZone Boyz (Doug McEwen)1146
15B.R.M. (Peter Stark)1139
15Backstreet Boyz (Michael Dillon)1139
17Get-Out-And-Push (Peter Hewitt)1071
18Team Bling F1 (Jason Scott)1064
19B.T.R. (Tel Rawson)1060
20Team Robin Reliant 2017 (Mathew Hallett)1051
21Martini Racing (Martin Emery)1049
22Orange Trap Five (Sam Collins)1015
23Abby Dhabi Racing (Abby Hallett)1002
24Mentley Garages (Andrew Watts)963
25GB F1 Team (Gregory Box)946
26Falkland Flyers (Linda Watts)927
27Watts Occurring (Lizzie Watts)756