Ben & Jan's Fantasy Championship

Welcome to Ben & Jan's Fantasy F1 competition for 2018. As usual we've set up this little competition for a bit of fun, and gives us the opportunity to have bragging rights over our friends and family as we make them eat our dust!

Some key information for you:

  • The closing date for entries is the end of the day on the 21st March
  • We have two transfer windows as usual. This year they are between the Candian and French GPs and the Italian and Singapore GPs

Everything you need to join in with the fun is found on this site. So have a browse around, select your team and get it to us before the closing date.


Current standings

1Team Robin Reliant 2018 (Mathew Hallett)522
2Team Bling F1 (Jason Scott)506
3Morefuleracing (James Watts)484
4Funnell's (Leeann Stevenson)482
5Xiong Mao Sai Che (Eleanor Dillon)474
6Leopard Racing (Elizabeth Dillon)468
7Will To Win (Will Stevenson)454
8InterZone Boyz (Doug McEwen)450
9Racey Babes Do Not Like Orange (Gerry Wilkinson)446
9B.R.M. (Peter Stark)446
11Beat the Big Pants (Janey Dillon)441
12PS F1 (Parag Satardekar)440
13Mentley Motors (Andrew Watts)438
14The Backstreet Boyz (Mick Dillon)432
15Deadlock's Daemons (Mark Denyer)428
16Strolling With a Bag of Rubles (Rick Pearon)420
17Abby Dhabi Racing (Abby Hallett)413
18Abby's Chicane (Fiona Hallett)405
19Martini Racing (Martin Emery)403
20Turbo Tel (Terry Rawson)394
21Falkland Flyers (Linda Watts)382
22SAR Rapid Racing (Simon Rowe)380
23Red Trap One (Sam Collins)377
24Watts Occurring (Lizzie Watts)376
25Ferrari Roche (Roddy Seymour-Williams)350
26GB F1 Team (Gregory Box)343
27Dirty Flaps (Jan Collins)315
28The Grim Beeper (Ben Collins)298

Last race: Canada

1Mentley Motors (Andrew Watts)86
2B.R.M. (Peter Stark)79
3PS F1 (Parag Satardekar)73
25Martini Racing (Martin Emery)41
27SAR Rapid Racing (Simon Rowe)31
28Ferrari Roche (Roddy Seymour-Williams)24

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Next race: France (24/06/2018)